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Joanna Craven

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Joanna Craven.jpg
Full Name: Joanna Rose Craven
Nationality: English
Estate Name: Hazelwood Court, Yorkshire (Father's Estate)
Age: 17 (b. May 3rd, 1659)
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blond
Marital Status: Single
Circles: Proper Society
London: Saint Marks Hall
Reputation >>.. despite her blindness, the cheerfulness of this friendly lady has endeared her to many in a short time. While somewhat shy and uncertain about the world, she is noted to have proper manners and a keen mind that will help her go far in life..<<

First Impression

With her heart-shaped face, delicately cut features and ample curves, Joanna's beauty is classic and timeless, yet rather unassuming given her preference for modest fabrics and adornments. Lustrous golden locks frame her creamy visage, which is punctuated by pillowy lips and lovely blue irises. While her eyes are physically unmarred, she has been blind since birth. This handicap explains the near-constant presence of her maidservant, Deirdre Layton ("Deedee"), a plump woman in her mid-thirties who always has a warm smile on her red-cheeked face.

Joanna is always dressed very neatly in clothing that befits her station and is tailored perfectly to her figure; however, she tends to lack the finest quality trim, lace and other adornments that many woman boast. As she cannot enjoy the results, she considers those additions to be an unnecessary cost.


Joanna is older than her years in spirit, generally conducting herself with the patience, calm and decorum that one would expect to see in a woman thrice her age. She is neither weary nor uninterested in laughter and banter amongst the youths at court; however, she possesses a generally quiet, pensive mien and seems to carry with her none of the excessive shyness or giggly enthusiasm of a typical girl her age. Nonetheless, Joanna is of a kind, optimistic disposition towards others and is genuinely interested in learning: about people of all stations; about the world in general; about any subject—personal, scientific, religious and so forth. Due to having keen listening ears and a mature character, she seems to foster trust in others without attempting and ends up as an accidental confidant fairly often.

While Joanna is extremely mindful of etiquette and takes a diplomatic approach to most conversations, when amongst those she knows well or when she sparks with those she does not, she will open up and share her opinions confidently and unapologetically.

Joanna will happily seize any opportunity to broaden her horizons and this includes learning new languages; it is not uncommon to see her stumbling eagerly through a conversation with a foreigner, intent on improving her pronunciation and expanding her vocabulary.



Joanna Craven II.jpg
The Craven estate, Hazelwood Court, was built in in 1517, shortly after Thomas Henry Craven was granted an Earldom by King Henry VIII. The lands lie between Whitby and Scarborough on the Yorkshire coast and Hazelwood itself is situated atop a prominent cliff overlooking a pebbly beach and the gorgeous waters beyond. The Craven home is modest in size, but is well taken care of inside and out. The family has never been known for ostentatious displays of wealth, but they are admired for the commitment to simple elegance.

Joanna's father, the eldest son of his parents, inherited Hazelwood shortly after his marriage to Anne Jennings in 1655. Though their first and only male child was lost to an acute fever before his third birthday, they were blessed with Joanna a few months later and then twin girls in five years' time. Some would say, however, that the blessing of their firstborn daughter was a mixed one. Joanna was sightless from birth, which rendered her parents heartbroken at first, though they soon great to love and appreciate her for all her strengths, becoming defensive of anyone who thought any less of her for her "curse". Intent on denying her nothing that she would have were she able to see, they employed tutors to read to her and teach her in all the basic subjects, as well as anything she had an especial interest in. She was, in a way, quite spoiled, though she never really realised it. All she knew was that she was happy and grateful.


  • Father: William Henry Craven [b. 1631]
  • Mother: Anne Craven [b. 1638]
  • Elder brother: Anthony Charles Craven [b. 1657; d. 1659]
  • Younger twin sisters: Harriet Marie Craven & Heather Anne Craven [b. 1664]
  • Grandmother (Father's mother): Mary Jane Craven (née Stuart) [b. 1612]
  • Aunt (Father's elder sister): Arabella Aldwych, Dowager Countess Ravenscar [b. 1628]
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