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Welcome to the wiki for Age of Intrigue, an AU historical RPG set at the decadent Baroque court of Merry King Charles II of England in 1676. Only characters with an approved application can start to play.
Mature (18+). In our narrative/moderated game system staff is the impartial referee on chance and danger. Plots are both staff and character driven. Focus on creative writing, but no word counts. Originals only. History is Alternate Universe and allows fudges.
Quick list of documentation:
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Politics, Society, Intrigue, Swashbuckling, Arts, Horror, Mystery, Romance and Science, Hedonism, Ambition.

Setting: "Court: a royal residence where the deeper you've fallen, the higher you've risen."
Age of Intrigue is a game of maintaining appearances in the Palatial setting of Whitehall London 1677, 17 years after England's Restoration under the Merry King, while just beneath the surface raw ambition works a rare frenzy in the ongoing struggle for royal favour, wealth and success.

Gentlemen: "Virtue masks Vice"
With immaculate grace gents might bow to the passing ladies, primping a cravat with well manicured hand, then to sniff at a fragrant pot-pourri. Yet their true natures are not so difficult to uncover; is there a single man at court who does not harbour some dark secret. Bribery and corruption are popular rungs upon the ladder of success, though it is not threats of legal proceedings that quails purse strings. If one is born well, the law cannot touch you. Yet one would avoid at any costs being drawn and quartered by societies patrons.

Ladies: "Upon cascades of silk the sultry sirens call."
In this seemingly 'man's world', the weaker sex wield a subtle power; how many a man's soul has been claimed by the coy batting of lashes? Upon a delicate sigh a bosom heaves and empires crumble.

Alliances: "Deceive the rich and powerful if you will, but don't insult them."
Who shall be your allies? Would you chose the romantic headed royalists, or Whigs with their pragmatic visions for the Future? Catholics are a tight group, while one has the most opportunity within the Anglican faith. Befriend the grateful underdog and let them assist your ascent? Or be sycophant to those who have already arrived in hopes that they might throw morsels your way?

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